1. Bringing Sharp to WebAssembly and WebContainers
    Challenges of porting native Node.js modules like Sharp to more platforms with WebAssembly.
  2. Github project: serde-ndim
    Serde support for n-dimensional arrays from self-describing formats
  3. Github project: ascom-alpaca-rs
    Cross-platform Rust library for the ASCOM Alpaca API for astronomy devices
  4. Github project: eos-remote-web
    Web Bluetooth remote for Canon EOS cameras
  5. Drawing to canvas in Emscripten
    Learn how to render 2D graphics to a canvas on the web from WebAssembly with Emscripten.
  6. Porting USB applications to the web. Part 2: gPhoto2
    Learn how gPhoto2 was ported to WebAssembly to control external cameras over USB from a web app.
  7. WebAssembly feature detection
    Learn how to use the newest WebAssembly features while supporting users across all browsers.
  8. Porting USB applications to the web. Part 1: libusb
    Learn how code that interacts with external devices can be ported to the web with WebAssembly and Fugu APIs.
  9. Embedding JavaScript snippets in C++ with Emscripten
    Learn how to embed JavaScript code in your WebAssembly library to communicate with the outside world.
  10. Bundling non-JavaScript resources
    Learn how to import and bundle various types of assets from JavaScript in a way that works both in browsers and bundlers.
  11. Using WebAssembly threads from C, C++ and Rust
    Learn how to bring multithreaded applications written in other languages to WebAssembly.
  12. Using asynchronous web APIs from WebAssembly
    Learn how to invoke asynchronous web APIs when compiling traditionally synchronous languages to WebAssembly.
  13. Github project: lutz
    Rust implementation of "An Algorithm for the Real Time Analysis of Digitised Images" by R. K. Lutz.
  14. Github project: wasm-bindgen-rayon
    An adapter for enabling Rayon-based concurrency on the Web with WebAssembly.
  15. Github project: sep-sys-rs
    Rust bindings to SEP - C library for Source Extraction and Photometry
  16. WebAssembly shell with a real filesystem access in a browser
    A WebAssembly shell powered by WebAssembly, WASI, Asyncify and File System Access API.
  17. wasmbin: a self-generating WebAssembly parser & serializer
    A derive-based WebAssembly parser & serializer written in Rust.
  18. Debugging memory leaks in WebAssembly using Emscripten
    Learn how to use WebAssembly to bring libraries, written in other languages, to the Web in a safe and idiomatic manner.
  19. Bringing OxiPNG to Squoosh
    How we brought OxiPNG to to provide better PNG compression.
  20. Github project: cow-utils-rs
    Copy-on-write string utilities for Rust
  21. A History of HTML Parsing at Cloudflare: Part 1
    A history of HTML parsing at Cloudflare, from regular expressions to Ragel to a custom streaming HTML5-compliant parser.
  22. Github project: asyncify
    Standalone Asyncify helper for Binaryen
  23. Github project: lazyhtml
    HTML5-compliant parser and serializer than enables building transformation pipeline in a pluggable manner
  24. Faster script loading with BinaryAST?
    BinaryAST is a new over-the-wire format for JavaScript proposed and actively developed by Mozilla that aims to speed up parsing while keeping the semantics of the original JavaScript intact.
  25. Github project: serde-wasm-bindgen
    Native integration of Serde with wasm-bindgen
  26. Github project: astexplorer-syn
    An integration of syn into ASTExplorer
  27. Building fast interpreters in Rust
    An article describing how we built a fast interpreter for the Wireshark syntax in Rust without using traditional JIT.
  28. Improving request debugging in Cloudflare Workers
    Porting the network panel from Chrome DevTools to inspect requests between the Cloudflare Workers and the origin.
  29. #[derive(Debug)] on serde steroids
    Introducing serdebug - a serde-powered drop-in replacement for #[derive(Debug)].
  30. Github project: xmatch
    Simple pattern matching for ES6
  31. Github project: ws-proxy
    Simple WebSocket reverse proxy for debugging purposes
  32. Writing complex macros in Rust: Reverse Polish Notation
    A tutorial on writing and debugging macros in Rust.
  33. Conditional enum variants in Rust
  34. Github project: derex
    Derivatives-based regexp to DFA compiler
  35. Github project: emnapi
    [WIP] N-API implementation for Emscripten
  36. Parsing JavaScript using SpiderMonkey from Rust
    Parsing JavaScript from Rust via SpiderMonkey's Reflect.parse
  37. Reducing test cases for JavaScript tooling
    Minimising reproduction cases for JavaScript tools using creduce.
  38. Emscripten + Rust: how to interop with real JavaScript
    A talk from RustFest 2017 about state of Emscripten and Rust interop
  39. Github project: override-hosts
    Small shared library utility to temporarily override list of hosts to specific target
  40. Github project: esmod
    Fast in-place import/export transpiler
  41. Github project: serde-xml-rs
    xml-rs based deserializer for Serde (compatible with 1.0+)
  42. How we brought HTTPS Everywhere to the cloud
    A technical deep dive into how we implemented HTTPS Everywhere rewrites at the Cloudflare edge.
  43. Tabs vs spaces: the ultimate argument
    Did you know that using specific code style can affect your JavaScript performance?
  44. Github project: buffer-utf8-length
    Fastest implementation of counting UTF-8 byte sequences in a Buffer
  45. GOTOs in JavaScript are now possible
    Implementing goto statement in JavaScript via custom transform.
  46. ES6 modules are dead, long live C preprocessor!
    Did you know you could use C preprocessor even for JavaScript files?
  47. ECMAScript Syntax Graph
    Ever wondered how ECMAScript syntax spec would look like if represented as a graph?
  48. ECMAScript decorators on functions
    Why can't we use ECMAScript decorators on regular functions?
  49. Github project: typescript-estree
    TypeScript => ESTree AST converter (WIP)
  50. Github project: babel-plugin-uglify
    UglifyJS integration for Babel
  51. Started work on ES6 -> asm.js conversion
  52. Github project: proxyfill
    ES6 Proxy + Reflect polyfill with limited surface
  53. Github project: better-log
    console.log wrapper for a bit more readable output in Node.js
  54. [Potentially ES7] function bind syntax in Babel
  55. Quickly view Wi-Fi password under OSX and Windows
  56. Tail recursion and 6to5
  57. Gitty - unofficial Gitter client for WinRT
  58. Github project: Bayeux.NET
    Client library for Bayeux protocol for Universal Apps
  59. Github project: github-editorconfig
    Browser extension that provides EditorConfig support for GitHub
  60. Github project: gulp-wrap-js
    Gulp plugin for templating JavaScript code with source maps support.
  61. Github project: acorn-csp
    Builder for Acorn that precompiles predicates in order to satisfy CSP.
  62. aster - AST-based code builder
  63. Github project: TSX
    Child of TypeScript and JSX [WIP]
  64. Using Mozilla AST with UglifyJS
  65. Github project: jsx-ast
    Build AST in JSX syntax
  66. Added ES6 support to Acorn
  67. Github project: jsx-transpiler
    Parses and compiles JSX code to JavaScript AST or code.
  68. A few more words on Acorn-JSX
  69. Github project: serialize-js
    Object serialization for JavaScript - readable & JS-compatible
  70. Github project: biscript
    010 Editor's binary scripts on top of JavaScrpit
  71. Github project: estraverse-fb
    Drop-in for estraverse that enables traversal over React's JSX nodes.
  72. Github project: gh2ost
    Convert Github readmes into Ghost blog posts
  73. Github project: stack-displayname
    Show custom function names in error stack traces of V8 (Node.js)
  74. Github project: when-traverse
    Asynchronously traverse tree of mixed promises and values
  75. Github project: apartjs
    Apart is a library for easy parallelism in JavaScript. It's name can be treated as "executing block *apart* from the main thread" as well as shortening for words "asynchronous part - APart".
  76. Github project: promise-array
    Work with array of Promises as with simple array of values
  77. Github project: winremote
    HTML5+Node.js remote desktop for Windows (FB Hackathon 2012)
  78. Github project: grunt-pure-cjs
    Grunt plugin for Pure CommonJS builder
  79. Github project: pure-cjs
    Pure minimalistic CommonJS builder
  80. Creating own language made easy
  81. Github project: compile2js
    Bootstrap package for easier creating compilers to JavaScript
  82. HTTP Live Streaming JavaScript player
  83. Github project: es6-import
    Module builder for ES6-based import/export syntax
  84. Github project: knockout-protector
    Knockout Protector plugin for accepting/reverting changes from observables
  85. Github project: bt-parser
    JS Parser for 010 Editor Binary Templates
  86. Github project: travis-publish-js
    Automated JS library publisher to NPM and GitHub Pages for Travis
  87. "Ingvar Stepanyan: Serious JS" at FrontendConf Zurich 2013
  88. Github project: jBinary.Hex
    Hex viewer based on jBinary
  89. Github project: LikeIE9
    Opera extension inspired by Internet Explorer 9 specific features
  90. Github project: AndroidMouse
    Using Android device compass and gyroscope for manipulating computer's mouse (client + server).
  91. Github project: BMPImage
    HTML5 File API and XMLHttpRequest2 based BMP image parser and renderer
  92. Github project: JSPiano
    Piano simulator written using only JavaScript (Mozilla Audio Data API) and some math knowledge :)
  93. Github project: FilePipes
    HTML5+Node.js peer-to-peer file transfer service (test task for Yandex).
  94. Github project: PingPong
    PingPong in browser with Augmented Reality
  95. Github project: tasks.js
    Convenient task scheduler for JavaScript using Web Workers.
  96. Github project: hubot-skype4com
    .NET Skype adapter for Hubot under Windows
  97. Github project: GitSync
    GitHub <-> BitBucket repository sync
  98. Github project: SharpScript
    Proof-of-concept of C# <script /> executor that runs in context of built-in browser and can communicate with JavaScript on the same page.
  99. Github project: LiveReload.Opera
  100. JS: Audio Data Processing
  101. Google Translate suggestion in Opera