Quickly view Wi-Fi password under OSX and Windows

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Today I've found this neat tool called wifi-password by @rauchg and figured out that it's extremely useful. Just look at this:

OSX screenshot

Simple, isn't? And README says it:

People ask you for the Wi-Fi password. Answer quickly.

So I wanted to answer quickly, too. Unfortunately I'm a Windows user and so had to create own analog for PowerShell:

Windows screenshot

So now you just:

1. Install it

First of all, install PsGet if you don't have it yet - it's awesome module manager for PowerShell:

(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("http://psget.net/GetPsGet.ps1") | iex

Now, you can easily install module itself:

Install-Module WiFi-Password

2. Use it:

To get the password for the WiFi you're currently logged onto:


or just


To get it for a specific SSID:

$ wifi-password <ssid>

To list all the stored WiFi networks:



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