Latest 10 Posts

  1. Bringing Sharp to WebAssembly and WebContainers
    Challenges of porting native Node.js modules like Sharp to more platforms with WebAssembly.
  2. Github project: serde-ndim
    Serde support for n-dimensional arrays from self-describing formats
  3. Github project: ascom-alpaca-rs
    Cross-platform Rust library for the ASCOM Alpaca API for astronomy devices
  4. Github project: eos-remote-web
    Web Bluetooth remote for Canon EOS cameras
  5. Drawing to canvas in Emscripten
    Learn how to render 2D graphics to a canvas on the web from WebAssembly with Emscripten.
  6. Porting USB applications to the web. Part 2: gPhoto2
    Learn how gPhoto2 was ported to WebAssembly to control external cameras over USB from a web app.
  7. WebAssembly feature detection
    Learn how to use the newest WebAssembly features while supporting users across all browsers.
  8. Porting USB applications to the web. Part 1: libusb
    Learn how code that interacts with external devices can be ported to the web with WebAssembly and Fugu APIs.
  9. Embedding JavaScript snippets in C++ with Emscripten
    Learn how to embed JavaScript code in your WebAssembly library to communicate with the outside world.
  10. Bundling non-JavaScript resources
    Learn how to import and bundle various types of assets from JavaScript in a way that works both in browsers and bundlers.

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