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my profile picture Hi, my name is Ingvar Stepanyan and I tend to self-describe as an obsessed D2D (developer-to-developer) engineer who enjoys building parsers, compilers and other tools that help other developers build actual products.

These days I'm working as an independent contractor mainly focusing on WebAssembly projects - porting libraries to the web, building tools to make it easier to work with WebAssembly and generally helping companies and individuals to get the most out of WebAssembly. If you think you have an interesting project in mind, please get in touch via email.

Before this, I worked at Google as a WebAssembly Developer Advocate, helping improve the WebAssembly ecosystem through educational blog posts (linked from this website) as well as by working on development experience of tools such as Emscripten, Chrome DevTools, and others.

Before that I worked as a Systems Engineer at Cloudflare, working on all sorts of parsing and transformation at the edge, from automatic optimisations of the web content to safely and transparently upgrading links to HTTPS on the fly to Cloudflare Workers.

These days I live and work in the UK, but originally I'm from Ukraine and it would be remiss of me not to share an important message. While Ukraine is fading from the mainstream news in the West, Russia is still brutally attacking civilians and shows no intention of stopping. If you can, please consider donating to one of the listed charities to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression:

Stand With Ukraine

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