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Added ES6 support to Acorn

Worked on and added following ES6 features support to Acorn - small, fast JavaScript parser:

  • Unicode Code Point Escape Sequences (\u{ABCDEF}).
  • Numeric Literals (octal, binary).
  • Arrow Functions.
  • Spread Element.
  • Classes.
  • Destructuring assignments.
  • Computed object properties.
  • Object methods.
  • Shorthand object properties.
  • for (... of ...) loops.
  • Array Comprehensions.
  • Modules. (newest specs)
  • Template Strings.
  • Generators.
  • Generator Comprehensions.

There are still some pending discussions with guys from Mozilla & Esprima on new AST types & properties used for new syntax features:

Stay tuned - more to come!