Ingvar Stepanyan

JavaScript developer, speaker and reverse engineer. D2D programmer. Sometimes human.

  1. aster

    View on GitHub aster - AST-based code builder What's that aster is reactive builder specialized for code processing and transformations. It's built with debugging in mind and makes building JavaScript code more reliable and faster. You may want to check out presentation below: Why one more Source maps are a…

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  2. Using Mozilla AST with UglifyJS

    Hi there. I'm continuing my work on tools for manipulating SpiderMonkey AST - as creating new as well as improving existing ones. This time it was UglifyJS. It's great JavaScript minifier, but what always bothered me (and other developers) was incompatibility of it's internal AST representation and Mozilla format, and…

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  3. Added ES6 support to Acorn

    Worked on and added following ES6 features support to Acorn - small, fast JavaScript parser: Unicode Code Point Escape Sequences (\u{ABCDEF}). Numeric Literals (octal, binary). Arrow Functions. Spread Element. Classes. Destructuring assignments. Computed object properties. Object methods. Shorthand object properties. for (... of ...) loops. Array Comprehensions. Modules. (newest specs) Template…

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  4. A few more words on Acorn-JSX

    Initially this was part of my email response to Lou Husson after mentioning Acorn-JSX in Facebook React Community Round-up #20 and reaching me out, but decided that someone else might find it useful too. As for today, I’ve developed complete ES6 support for Acorn (as far as it can…

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  5. Alternative, faster React.js JSX parser

    View on GitHub This is modification of Acorn - a tiny, fast JavaScript parser, written completely in JavaScript. It was forked to create experimental, alternative, faster React.js JSX parser by integrating pieces of code from official parser, modified to match Acorn's parsing logic. According to benchmarks, Acorn is 5x…

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  6. User-readable object serialization for JavaScript

    View on GitHub Small serialization helper for those who wants to get JS representation of object but gets only this dirty JSON. Sometimes it's useful to serialize object into the JS user-readable representation but the only option you have is JSON which adds all this damn quotes around any keys…

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