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  1. GOTOs in JavaScript are now possible

    And I'm back with my crazy experiments. Currently I'm actively playing with Ragel - state machine compiler that generates highly optimized code for streaming lexers, scanners etc. in a set of languages (C, Java, Ruby, C#, ...). Unfortunately, it didn't have support for JavaScript, and I recently implemented it (likely to…

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  2. ES6 modules are dead, long live C preprocessor!

    Did you know you could use C preprocessor even for JavaScript files? (yes, it doesn't care about syntax that much) Say, we want to implement C-like "modules" (inclusions) in JavaScript. Create first file 1.js (filenames don't matter) like this: #ifndef HELLO_1 #define HELLO_1 console.log('hello'); #endif…

    JavaScript, ES6, Transpilers

  3. Started work on ES6 -> asm.js conversion

    View on GitHub I know this sounds crazy, but I always wondered why do we always give out such a speedup technique as asm.js (it speeds up code in all the modern browsers!) to developers from other languages if we can use it for own code in JavaScript as…

    JavaScript, ES6, Transpilers, asm.js

  4. [Potentially ES7] function bind syntax in Babel

    View original post Babel 5.4 was just released and with it comes support for a new experimental ES7 syntax proposed by Kevin Smith (@zenparsing) and implemented in Babel by Ingvar Stepanyan (@RReverser). Warning: This syntax is highly experimental and you should not use it for anything serious (yet). If…

    JavaScript, Transpilers, ES7

  5. A few more words on Acorn-JSX

    Initially this was part of my email response to Lou Husson after mentioning Acorn-JSX in Facebook React Community Round-up #20 and reaching me out, but decided that someone else might find it useful too. UPD (June 12, 2015): Facebook deprecates own parsing and transformation tools in favor of Acorn, Acorn-JSX…

    JavaScript, AST, React, JSX, ES6, Parsers, Transpilers

  6. Alternative, faster React.js JSX parser

    View on GitHub This is modification of Acorn - a tiny, fast JavaScript parser, written completely in JavaScript. UPD (June 12, 2015): Facebook deprecates own parsing and transformation tools in favor of Acorn, Acorn-JSX and Babel. Looks like I'll need to be more careful about updates starting from now 😜 It…

    JavaScript, AST, React, JSX, Parsers, Transpilers