Ingvar Stepanyan

JavaScript developer, speaker and reverse engineer. D2D programmer. Sometimes human.

Tag: HTML5

  1. HTTP Live Streaming JavaScript player

    I've created Apple HTTP Live Streaming JavaScript player created by performing realtime conversion of MPEG-TS video chunks to MPEG-4 in parallel thread using Web Worker and playing them one by one in main thread. How does it work? Conversion is done using jBinary library with programmatically described data structures according…

    JavaScript, Binary, Video, HTML5

  2. Task scheduler for JavaScript Web Workers

    View on GitHub Convenient task scheduler for JavaScript using Web Workers. Usage (check index.html for demo): // setting worker count to 4 var scheduler = new Scheduler(4); // settings common global var for all workers scheduler.setVar('prefix', 'result-'); // setting specific global variable in each worker scheduler.workers.forEach(function (worker,…

    JavaScript, HTML5

  3. JS: Audio Data Processing

    My lightning talk presentation from JSGroup aka first KyivJS (18.02.2012): JS: Audio Data Processing from Ingvar Stepanyan…

    JavaScript, Binary, HTML5, Conferences, Talks, Audio