Ingvar Stepanyan

JavaScript developer, speaker and reverse engineer. D2D programmer. Sometimes human.

Tag: ECMAScript

  1. ECMAScript Syntax Graph

    Ever wondered how ECMAScript syntax spec would look like if represented as a graph? Wonder no more - I just built one for fun! Here it is in SVG: If your browser doesn't support SVG, you can view PNG version instead (but be careful on metered connections - it's 3.…

    ES6, ECMAScript

  2. ECMAScript decorators on functions

    This one particular question is being often raised around the usage of the new ECMAScript decorators proposal: why can't I use it for regular function declarations? Well, the answer is simple: hoisting :( Since JS hoists up function declarations, those expressions that you use inside of decorators, depending on proposed "solution"…

    JavaScript, ES7, ECMAScript, Decorators, Functions, Functional programming