Gitty - Privacy

Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy for Gitty, a Windows application for making use of the Gitter service. If you choose to use this application, you should familiarize yourself with Gitter's privacy policy as well. This Privacy Policy may be updated and you can receive information about updates through this page, accessible via the app's Settings pane.

Usage of Gitter data by this app.

Upon first launching this app you'll be invited to sign-in with Gitter, which in order will ask you to authorize with your Github account. Once signed in, you may sign-out at any time using the Accounts menu under the Settings charm. This application will only access the Gitter service as necessary in order to fulfill its visible end-user functionality.

Information collected or recorded

Currently, no user data is transmitted to or stored on Gitty servers. Future versions of Gitty may enable new features which do, at which point this policy will be updated.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this policy, please e-mail [email protected].