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Convert Github readmes into Ghost blog posts

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Convert Github readmes into Ghost blog posts

This tool converts readmes from your Github repositories into blog posts for Ghost blogging system.

Also it automatically filters out repositories without readmes or with readmes less than 140 characters length (tweet-fit description are not blog posts, are they? :) ).


Install globally with npm:

$ npm install -g gh2ost

Run executable with optional parameters...

$ gh2ost --help
  Usage: gh2ost [--min-length 140] [--lang-prefix (none by default)] [--user-id 1] [filename.json]


    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -V, --version               output the version number
    -m, --min-length <length>   Minimal length for READMEs markdowns to be considered as posts
    -p, --lang-prefix <prefix>  ```<prefix>-[lang name] for code blocks to be used (i.e., "lang" for Prism)
    -d, --diff                  Export only repos that don\'t exist in destination yet
    -u, --user-id <id>          Ghost User ID

...and enter credentials when requested.

Github username: RReverser
Github password: ********

Now you got Ghost-compliant JSON file which you can import at


This tool is issued under MIT license.